Local Culture.Art

World wide NFT's  --  Launching Q1 2022  -- Limited Edition NFT's


What are we doing?

A Collection of Culture from around the world

--  Each collectable having their own rarity

--  The random generation is triggered on MINT

-- We are providing ERC-721 mintable tokens that grant access to the LocalCulture DAO 

--  8989 NFTs available at 0.06 ETH

Join this project and find out what’s your Culture/What is your Culture? 


- Allow members to stake extra crypto and nft in the members vault 

- The ability to fuse NFTs of different or equal rarities to create even rarer NFTs 

- Fused NFTs allow access to Defi earning pools  

- Every NFT you purchase or fuse will increase your voting power in the DAO 

- 50% of royalties goes to the DAO 

- Allow art to be purchased through the DAO vault and redistribute profits of the art sales to members/holders of the NFT 


Flow Chart
Business Plan
Ring of Light Bulbs

How to Mint

14 days : 4 hours : 6 mins : 12 secs

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